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Top 10 highest paying jobs in Indonesia for 2021

While 2020 has been a year of great uncertainty for job seekers, employees and businesses alike, 2021 marks a positive start for the post-COVID economy.

After a year of navigating the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, companies now have a clearer understanding of their business vulnerabilities and priorities. They now know how to reinforce their businesses, mitigate risks and create long-term positioning strategies to emerge stronger after any crisis.

As Indonesia’s economy slowly recovers, it is reasonable to expect a minimum salary increment in your current job or when moving to a new company. However, some companies and sectors are still willing to offer competitive salary packages to suitable candidates, as reported in our Talent Trends 2021 report based on responses from 420 companies and 3,420 employees in Indonesia and 5,500 businesses and 21,000 employees across the Asia Pacific. This comprehensive survey report provides fresh insights and market sentiment for the hiring market in key industries. 

Your salary is a significant deciding factor when evaluating any career path or job opening. That is why we have put together this list of the top 10 highest paying jobs in Indonesia for your reference. While our list showcases senior roles, it also reflects some of the sectors and industries that are more well paid, giving you a head start in your career planning process.

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Top 10 highest paying jobs in Indonesia

1. C-suite roles

These executive positions in a company typically come in at the top of the highest-paid jobs lists. The salaries of Chief Financial Officers, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers range from Rp 137 million to Rp 250 million, in disciplines from Property & Construction, Consumer & Retail, Business & Financial Services to Industrial & Manufacturing. And like other roles, remuneration for c-suites roles is based on the candidate’s experience, company size and sector.

2. Head of Finance

Commanding from Rp 115 million to Rp 115 million, the Head of Finance is essentially in charge of an organisation's finances, overseeing budget in various departments, conducting risk management, evaluating investments and making sure the business stays profitable.

(Browse finance roles here.)

3. Country Sales Manager

The sales department is an essential one to any organisation, and those who lead it are therefore well-compensated when the job is well done. Country Sales Managers can expect to make up to Rp 113 million to Rp 175 million, depending on the industry, size of the company, and volume of sales for the company. Similar to the role of a country sales manager, a Sales Director earns from Rp 113 million to Rp 175 million, managing the strategic efforts of a company’s sales team and ensure the team meets projected sales targets.

(Browse country sales jobs here.)

4. Head of Risk

Protecting companies from risks at all levels, whether that’s financial risk, compliance risk or strategic risk. As the Head of Risk or Risk Director for a company, a professional must have a current degree, and updated knowledge of constantly changing rules and regulations. As this role is about prevention, it’s a key one in protecting the interests of the company. Someone in this position in Indonesia can make up to Rp 150 million. (Browse risk professional jobs here.)

5. Marketing Director

As a function, marketing is one of the most important for a company looking to acquire new clients or customers, increase brand awareness and improve market share, among other objectives. The professional leading the marketing function needs to be someone innovative, who can try new things while understanding how to speak to customers as their preferences and expectations change. Marketing teams are becoming more complex and matrixed as teams work together towards shared goals. Professionals looking to move up to the role of the Marketing Director can expect to make up from Rp 110 million to Rp 150 million.

(Browse marketing jobs here.)

6. Project Management Director

Being a Project Director is a high-level project management job that can include any number of responsibilities, depending on the industry, project and size of the team being managed. As a key person to organising and completing projects, the project director or managing director can make up from Rp 130 million to Rp 140 million.

(Browse project management roles here.)

7. Engineering Director

The Director or VP of Engineering leads the engineering department of a company. Like any head of a department, plans and directs all aspects of engineering activities from hiring and training new team members to managing engineering projects and budget. An engineering director in different industries can earn varying amounts, from Rp 117 million to Rp 129 million.

(Browse engineering roles here.)

8. Supply chain director

At its core, the supply chain is a convergence of different processes coming together to complete a task. These processes vary in complexity and diversity, depending on the specific sectors and organisation size. The Supply chain Director can earn up to Rp 103 million. And as the supply chain management industry evolves to embrace digital automation more than ever, the operations director must strategically navigate to be a revenue driver for the business, delivering tighter schedules, faster fulfilment, better efficiency and higher profits.

(Browse supply chain roles here.)

9. Head of Procurement

The role of the Head of Procurement oversees a company’s purchases. Earning up to Rp 99 million, the procurement head collaborates with the finance and logistics teams to set purchasing strategies and policies while meeting a company’s budgetary and other operational requirements. Aside from making profitable decisions, the procurement head also requires a combination of market research, management, negotiation and communications skills.

(Browse procurement jobs here.)

10. Head of Legal

Earning from Rp 57 million to Rp 91 million, the Head of Legal or general counsel role employed by public corporations are more than just lawyers. These top legal officers are required to draw upon industry knowledge and function as business advisors to CEOs. On top of that, general counsels need to help drive efficiencies in their organisations by leveraging legal technology.

(Browse legal roles here.)

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Disclaimer: Salaries can differ from one company to another, and depending on your skills, knowledge and experience. To find out how your salary compares to other roles and industries in Indonesia, go to our Salary Comparison Tool

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